About Sterill

The Sterill brand offers a variety of sanitizer and hand washes manufactured to the highest standards, with the onus on quality and effectiveness. Believing in enabling consumers to make health and protection their highest priority, Sterill has shortly won the trust and acceptance of many consumers, becoming a leading brand.

Sterill sanitizers are approved by the National Medicines Regulatory Authority and manufactured as per the guidelines directed by the WHO, ensuring that the highest quality standards are maintained. The products are available in attractive and user-friendly pack formats, catering to personal, household, and office use. Proven to kill 99.9% of illness-causing germs, Sterill is your trusted protector against germs.

About Sterill professional

Under Sterill professional, a range of industrial detergents has been developed in collaboration with customers, to ensure efficient cleaning and sanitizing, required across the different workplaces. Having focused on the industrial level cleaning market of tomorrow, the range offered covers auto care, housekeeping and kitchen care, laundry needs and sanitizer products

The focus on safety and efficiency and personal services et Sterill apart in the cleaning product industry: the strength of the George Steuart Group, together with a high caliber team, combining extensive laboratory and production experience, enable the company to provide clients with world-class cleaning solutions, Steril is the prefers choice among many leading industrial and service sector customers, recognized as a responsible and high-quality manufacturer of cleaning products.

Our Diversified Product Range

Personal Care

we offer a variety of advanced sanitizers manufactured to the highest standards of quality and effectiveness

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Housekeeping and Industrial Care

we offer our customers the best solutions in household cleaning products to successfully cater to housekeeping and industrial care

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Kitchen Care

Sterill’s kitchen cleaning products ranging from detergents, cleaners, food & vegetable sanitizers to heavy-duty kitchen degreasers

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Laundry Care

Our specially formulated laundry care products varying from detergents, stain removers, bleaching, fabric softening and conditioning

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Automotive Care

Discover our range from dashboard gloss, cleaners, pressure liquids, tire shine products

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